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Release: January 15, 2018


The Biography of Alonzo S. "Jake" Gaither

A comprehensive play-by-play narrative told by acclaimed journalist Roosevelt Wilson, one of Coach Gaither’s few trusted confidants, this rediscovered biography is an intimate account of the life and  legacy of legendary Florida A&M University football coach Alonzo S. “Jake” Gaither.


Based on in-depth interviews with Gaither, the manuscript, once thought to be lost, has been recovered and is being presented as written in 1976 as a special moment captured in time when Gaither shared the most intimate, harrowing, and triumphant moments of his iconic life — surviving brain cancer, winning the most games of any coach of his era, organizing and winning the South's first integrated college football game, and mentoring some of the nations' top athletes.

In this official biography authorized by Gaither, Wilson captures the compelling untold history of Gaither — revered as a motivator of men, respected as an influential leader, and unrivaled as a coaching icon.

A Recovered Historic Treasure


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