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Proceeds support the

Roosevelt Wilson Endowed Scholarship

for athletics at Florida A&M University 

Jake Gaither walked into the fragile glass chamber of scrutiny, laid out his contributory wares for the world to see, turned his pockets of dignity inside out, withstood the test of time and emerged a winner, in football and in life.

Agile, Mobile, Hostile: The Biography of Alonzo S. "Jake" Gaither, is the complete untold story of the extraordinary life of Jake Gaither, the legendary coaching icon of Florida A&M University. 

Influential journalist Roosevelt Wilson wrote the manuscript in 1976 after conducting years of extensive interviews with Gaither and those key to his life's journey. The recovered manuscript is being restored using modern technology and digital platforms to provide readers across the globe access to this vital resource being published to help restore the coaching legend to current sports memory, where he belongs. 

In this compelling saga, Wilson shares the intimate dynamics of Gaither's life not known to the general public. No other book has told his complete life story based on Gaither's intimate personal accounts of experiences that led to his rise as a coaching giant and iconic leader. 

Interesting insight includes: 

  • The origin of the endeared name "Jake" 

  • Gaither's victorious battle over brain cancer

  • Gaither's organizing of the South's first interracial intercollegiate football game, where the Rattlers outpaced the University of Tampa Spartans, 34-28, in a final-play clincher

  • His being dubbed an “Uncle Tom” by members of the black leadership community during the height of the Civil Rights Movement

  • His personal influence on white political leaders and public figures

  • The impact his mentorship had on enriching the lives of his players known as "Jake's Boys"

Table of Contents

1. Teaching Character

2. In the Beginning At A&M

3. Too Tough to Die
4. From Hospital Bed to Football

5. The Formative Years
6. Coming of Age

7. Hell Raiser

8. Getting Prepared

9. An Auspicious Beginning

10. Who Is That Guy?

11. An Ingenious Plan

12. The Split-Line T

13. The Fighter Emerges

14. Exit In A Blaze Of Glory

15. Jake’s Greatest Moment
16. Agile, Mobile & Hostile:

Calls It Likes He See It

17. Uncle Tom
18. Storytime

19. A Gift of Speed

20. The Galloping Gal

21. The Decision to Retire

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